• 中国区如何看待pi币的价值?What is the value of PI in China?

    ①pi有没有价值? ① Is pi valuable? 这个问题我想是大家都比较关心的问题,与其说有价值还不如说有没有价格,能不能变现,我们回到比特币的网络里面,比特币里面有矿工,也有矿池,交易所,还有一大批炒家,比特币之所以能够达到一万美金,不仅仅是因为其去中心化的特点,大部分的区块链项目都有,唯一不同的就是用户基础,市识和共识,市识就是在这个市场里面有多少人知道比特币,共识就是有多少人去买卖比特币。 I think it’s a question that everyone is concerned about. It’s not so much valuable as whether there is a price and whether it can be realized. We go back to bitcoin’s network, where there are miners, mining pools, exchanges and a large number of speculators. The reason why bitcoin can reach 10000 US dollars is not only because of its decentralized characteristics, most blockchains There are all projects. The only difference is user base, market awareness and consensus. Market awareness is how many…

  • pi币未来的价值能达到100美元吗?Can the future value of PI currency reach $100?

    pi币未来的价值能达到100美元吗?pi币在国外很火爆,同样引起国内币圈的高度关注,比较现在是免费挖,24小时候激活一次,算力是根据自己邀请的人数多少增加算力速度。 Can the future value of PI currency reach $100? PI coin is very popular in foreign countries, which also attracts great attention of the domestic currency circle. Compared with the current free digging, it was activated once in 24 hours. The calculation speed is increased according to the number of people invited. 一个新出的手机移动式挖矿软件,在国外热度很高,国内玩的人目前很少。项目团队成员均来自斯坦福大学,三个创始人斯坦福博士教授,现在处于挖矿第一阶段,可以获得比较高的收益,整体项目背景和前景还是不错的。此类挖矿不用浪费流量不浪费电池,只要24小时循环后领取收益继续挖矿即可。 A new mobile mining software with mobile phone is very popular in foreign countries, and few people play in China at present. The members of the project team are all from Stanford University. The three founders,…

  • 为什么最近pi币频繁维护?Why is pi coin frequently maintained recently?

    近段时间,大量新手用户反应,pi币总是出现异常,币数不更新,不能点击闪电,聊天室进不去,其实这是极简模式,也就是日常维护的界面,币的数量在维护时,显示的是上次激活闪电的数量,这也就是为什么在维护时你觉得你的币变少了,维护完成后,币的数量就会恢复,所以不需要担心,在维护时,过个把小时在重新进去试一下。 In recent years, a large number of novice users have responded that Pi coins are always abnormal, the number of coins is not updated, and they can’t click lightning, and chat rooms can’t enter. In fact, this is a minimalist mode, that is, the interface of daily maintenance. When maintaining the number of coins, it shows the number of lightning that was activated last time. That’s why when maintaining, you think your coins are less. After maintenance, the number of coins The quantity will be restored, so you don’t…


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