• Participate in the novel coronavirus pneumonia symptom declaration, you will get the PI award.

    A member of the Pi community has transferred Pi to your account. In order to see the transfer, please agree to the below terms of service which are designed to guard Pi from malicious actors seeking short-term profit. These terms will be in effect during Pi’s in-app transfer pilot and before launch of mainnet. These terms will not apply and will be technically unenforceable when transactions are recorded on the Pi’s decentralized and immutable blockchain. By checking the box you agree to participate in Pi’s in-app transfer pilot or to…

  • The first official goal of PI in 2020 is to establish the value of PI coins

    In 2019, “Pi” chose March 14 as its festival, and the PI mobile app was officially launched. By March 14, 2020, the global consensus reached more than 3.5 million, and the annual consensus reached more than 10 million.Why emphasize consensus makers? The reason is that only when the consensus reaches a certain scale can PI really have the value basis to exchange intangible assets or tangible goods. In other words, the ecosystem constructed by Pi is actually that the consensuses are willing to allow other consensuses to use Pi to…

  • What is pi coin? Talk about the mining experience of a PI miner

    What is the hottest blockchain project in 2019?What is the hottest blockchain project in 2020?I think of PI coins, PI coins or PI coins.PI coin, the full name of PI network, was founded by three doctors from Stanford University. It can be said that it is a new blockchain model, or it is not a simple blockchain project. It gives me the feeling of reconstructing blockchain with internet thinking. The most classic sentence on the Internet is: change your life, but it has nothing to do with you.PI coin is…

  • Quick news: Pi project will release the first covid19 based third party about PI application

    Pi Apps Platform Prototype Our previous video series explained that the project has two goals in Pi Phase Two: 1) Building value and 2) Decentralizing the network. Building Pi’s application platform is a major strategy to achieve the first goal: building value. We aim to deliver the beta version of the apps platform by the end of the Q2 2020. Now, we are giving an update on how we plan to achieve that during the Q2. We are adopting an iterative user-centric design methodology, which involves prototyping, testing, feedback collecting and improving…

  • Introducing Pi Apps platform prototype and the first pilot app-FeverIQ

    Introducing Pi Apps platform prototype and the first pilot app We are introducing a limited release of Pi’s Platform prototype and the first 3rd-party app today. As announced last week, we are adopting an iterative user-centric design process to develop the Pi Apps platform, in which the Core Team will have limited releases of the platform prototypes and initial apps during Q2 2020. The interfaces, functionalities, and accessibility of the platform and initial apps will change over the course of the prototyping and testing period before being finalized. Every Pioneer can participate in the platform…


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