• The future trend of PI coin|pi币未来可期的趋势

    确切说未来准备登陆Pi的公司有700家这些公司总估值超过$ 19B,那就是说未来登陆Pi平台的公司总市值19万亿! Specifically, there are 700 companies that are going to log on to PI in the future with a total valuation of more than $19b, that is to say, the total market value of the companies that will log on to PI platform in the future is $19 trillion! 派如果真的实现它的愿景和使命,将会颠覆世界! If Pai really realizes its vision and mission, it will subvert the world! 因为相信,所以看见,努力挖矿,忘掉价格,忘掉它是币,忘掉你有派吧[呲牙]。未来可期。 Because believe, so see, try to mine, forget the price, forget it’s money, forget you have pie [bared teeth]. In the future.

  • pi币未来的价值能达到100美元吗?Can the future value of PI currency reach $100?

    pi币未来的价值能达到100美元吗?pi币在国外很火爆,同样引起国内币圈的高度关注,比较现在是免费挖,24小时候激活一次,算力是根据自己邀请的人数多少增加算力速度。 Can the future value of PI currency reach $100? PI coin is very popular in foreign countries, which also attracts great attention of the domestic currency circle. Compared with the current free digging, it was activated once in 24 hours. The calculation speed is increased according to the number of people invited. 一个新出的手机移动式挖矿软件,在国外热度很高,国内玩的人目前很少。项目团队成员均来自斯坦福大学,三个创始人斯坦福博士教授,现在处于挖矿第一阶段,可以获得比较高的收益,整体项目背景和前景还是不错的。此类挖矿不用浪费流量不浪费电池,只要24小时循环后领取收益继续挖矿即可。 A new mobile mining software with mobile phone is very popular in foreign countries, and few people play in China at present. The members of the project team are all from Stanford University. The three founders,…

  • Pi Network头条:中东石油王子1亿美金收购Pi币或引发币圈地震?PI network headline: the Middle East oil Prince’s US $100 million acquisition of PI currency or triggering a currency circle earthquake?

    Pi Network创始人来自美国斯坦福区块链研究中心,在币圈来说已然“贵族”血统,走的却是“平民”路线,一年多来在主流币圈不断被热议。 The founder of PI network is from Stanford blockchain research center in the United States. In the currency circle, he has been “aristocratic”, but he has taken the “civilian” route. For more than a year, he has been hotly discussed in the mainstream currency circle. 近日圈内又流传出一个轰动性新闻,中东地区某王子在直播中宣称要拿出一亿美金通过Pi Network千万级流量网红游龙,在中文区购买Pi币,并投资数十亿美金在全球布局超级节点的搭建。笔者查阅了一下资料,据不完全统计,中东地区的王子至少有15000多个,仅仅沙特所有王子就掌控着上万亿美元的财富,如果王子身份属实,在资金方面也并非问题,只是为什么偏偏点名中文区的游龙? Recently, there was another sensational news in the circle. A prince in the Middle East announced in the live broadcast that he would spend 100 million US dollars to buy PI coins in the Chinese region through the 10 million level…

  • 谷歌大数据分析Pi币热度 Google big data analysis PI currency heat

    最近Pi app 出现精简模式频繁,希望先锋社区会员不要卸载软件,软件是安全的,大家的Pi币数量也不会减少,我认为频繁出现精简模式是因为kyc、节点测试的原因,当然也有可能是Pi会员数量的不断增加,这都是一些利好的消息,Pi在谷歌上的搜索热度如下图: Recently, there have been frequent streamlining modes in PI app. I hope that members of pioneer community will not uninstall the software. The software is safe and the number of PI coins will not be reduced. I think the frequent streamlining modes are due to KYC and node testing. Of course, it may also be the increasing number of PI members. These are some good news. The search enthusiasm of Pi on Google is shown as follows: 通过上图,可以看出:四月的热度回落平稳后,五月份Pi币热度持续上升。 From the above figure, we can see that after…


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