• What is pi coin? Talk about the mining experience of a PI miner

    What is the hottest blockchain project in 2019?What is the hottest blockchain project in 2020?I think of PI coins, PI coins or PI coins.PI coin, the full name of PI network, was founded by three doctors from Stanford University. It can be said that it is a new blockchain model, or it is not a simple blockchain project. It gives me the feeling of reconstructing blockchain with internet thinking. The most classic sentence on the Internet is: change your life, but it has nothing to do with you.PI coin is…

  • Can my mobile phone dig PI without installing a computer node

    On May 2, the computer node was updated. The big surprise brought big headache.The installation of computer nodes has blocked many mining friends out of the door, and now they are still wandering outside.Computer node upgrade requirements: Win system requires win10 professional version or enterprise version; Public IP, now most people’s home network is not; Know a little network technology, can install software; A little English ability, if you don’t have it, you can use translation software; Now the first and second points are hard bars, which block most of…

  • What is the difference between the lightning network of PI coin and that of bitcoin?

    At present, no specific technical scheme has been released officially, but I estimate that the lightning network function of PI coin should be similar to that of bitcoin lightning network and Ethereum lightning network, that is, to improve TPS, that is, to increase the throughput processing capacity of blockchain network;As we all know, blockchain cannot be commercially used on a large scale at present, which is restricted by the throughput capacity. We need to find a balance between security and throughput capacity. PI network will make great achievements in the…

  • Discussion on the lightning network of PI coin to create the most widely used digital currency basic conditions

    We know that the idea of PI coin is to create the most inclusive and widely used encrypted digital token in the world, but this ideal is not to say that it is OK, at least to solve the problem that blockchain payment has been facing, that is, to deal with efficiency.We know that bitcoin can only process about seven transactions per second. While that was enough at the beginning, the system has been crowded for several years. Therefore, it takes a long time to deal with the transaction, and…

  • What are the benefits of running PI nodes or super nodes?

    Many friends ask if PI nodes need to be made, or what’s the benefit of making this? What are the benefits of super PI nodes! In fact, although the official project team has not yet released specific incentive measures and schemes, the incentive measures for blockchain digital currency project based on token issuance should be similar. We will explain them in terms of the benefits of bitcoin ‘s “full node” synchronization. Compared with the full node of bitcoin, you can imagine it as the super node of PI, and the…

  • At present, for most PI pioneers, transfer is just a sign

    最近Pi最热门的就是kyc申请测试,上线、下架来回拉锯,搞得很多先锋社区会员一头雾水,今天我再讲一下有关问题。     敲黑板:     讲之前,大家需要掌握几个名词解释:kyc,transfer(实际内转),transfer(仅内转标志)。     下面分别作一下解释:     一、kyc     KYC是指了解客户规则。金融机构如不能清晰识别客户身份,便更不愿贷款给客户,会阻碍金融普惠,KYC规则是国际社会努力实现金融诚信和金融普惠不可或缺的。     举例:我们去办银行卡、手机卡等等都需要填个人信息、实名注册,这就是kyc。     二、transfer(内转资格)     transfer即内转资格,项目方已经明确很多次:kyc≠transfer,可以这么理解:kyc是开启内转的必经之路,先kyc后内转,或者说你kyc认证通过也未必可以内转。同时,大家应该注意一点:项目方明确接下来的kyc仅是为了节点测试,不会开通内转功能。     三、transfer(Pi软件内转标志)     如下图:     这个标志对目前300内转先锋有直接关系外,对其余人来说仅是一个简单的标志,单单可以用来记录大家从哪获得的多少Pi而已。而已这个标志只要是别人给你转Pi或者dapp给你转Pi就会出现。很多人没有这个标志是因为没有人给你转Pi,而且Pi新冠调查dapp没有给你转Pi。大家可能也会疑惑,我已经做了新冠的调查,dapp为什么没有转Pi?这个项目方也已经做了解释:系统bug。这也是为什么Pi apps这个图标一直上线或下架。     划重点:     谈下我对当前kyc申请测试的理解:     一、仅是测试    我认为这次kyc申请只是测试,或者说是kyc前的一个预演,最终结果不会决定大家能不能kyc成功。    类比于火币网实名注册,需要你的头像或者身份证号等等,类似于去银行办银行卡业务,然而这次Pikyc申请没有涉及到大家实名的一些具体细节,比如身份证、面部特征,甚至是护照(应该不会采用护照认证),所以这次kyc重在参与调查,补充大数据。     二、鼓励申请     大家可能会问:既然是测试,那必须要申请吗?我只能回答:存在即合理。项目方通过上架这个Pi apps除了补充数据库、调查以外肯定有其他的含义,所以建议大家申请。     有一点可以肯定:如果一部分人通过不了或者填错的都不用紧张,因为只要是真人,不是刷子或者机器人,最终都可以kyc认证成功的。现在大家没有transfer这个标志仅仅是因为bug。     三、经得住寂寞,才能守得到月明     这句话只是想告诉大家,挖Pi既要平常心有要有耐心,大浪淘沙,Pi需要长时间的积淀后才会给你回报。     有句话说的挺好:凡是拥有数字货币的人,对下一代都是一个很好的交代。 翻译: Recently, the most popular application of PI is KYC application test, which is a back and forth sawing between online and offline. Many members of pioneer…

  • PI coin mining mobile terminal Download

    Download method: Android App Download: https://www.womaimi.com/pi 苹果手机:需要一个国外 id (淘宝搜一下即可)登陆id后在appstore搜pi network下载即可; Apple mobile phone: it needs a foreign ID (Taobao Search can be done) to log in the ID and then download it in the app store search PI network; 如果下载这里搞不定请加微信:79550798 If you can’t make sure, please add wechat: 79550798 二、注册register (1)选择用脸书账号注册还是手机号注册,这里推荐用手机号注册,方便后续操作。Choose whether to register with Facebook account or mobile number. It is recommended to register with mobile number for subsequent operation. (2)选择中国,输入手机号,点击Go。Select China, enter your mobile number and click go. (3)设置密码和确认密码,两遍密码输入完成后,点击SUBMIT。(密码至少8位,数字、大写字母、小写字母都至少有一位,例如:Sunshine123)Set the password and confirm the password. After entering the…


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