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  • pi币app将会支持全球主要国家的语言和文字|The PI coin app will support the languages and languages of major countries around the world

    A major goal of Q4 is to translate the app into different languages per the community’s request. Currently, the Pi Core Team is developing the technical solution while organizing a translation task force with the chat moderators. Translations of app features will be rolled out gradually. Expect to see parts of the app translated starting next week! 翻译: Q4的主要目标是根据社区的要求将应用翻译成不同的语言。目前,Pi核心团队正在开发技术解决方案,同时与聊天主持人组织翻译工作组。app功能的翻译将逐步推出。期待看到部分应用程序的翻译开始下周! 也许大家很快就会看到中文版的APP界面了。

  • pi币更新正确姓名的教程 注意时间只有3天|PI coin update correct name tutorial notice time is only 3 days

    很多pi友没有打开pi矿机的话,那么时间从你打开矿机那个时间算起,所以不确定自己的姓名的话,可以暂时不打开,但是正常的人怎么会不知道自己的姓名呢? One chance to fix name(划重点讲解在底部) As communicated multiple times previously, we will offer one chance for Pioneers to correct their names on their accounts before the Mainnet. Due to the Pi Network policy of one account per person and the high importance of humanness of the network, Pioneers will only be able to claim their Pi on the Mainnet if they pass KYC, and the name on their Pi account and the name of their KYC must match. Thus, having correct and accurate names on your Pi account is…


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