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  • Pi币官方更新消息讨论Pi的管理和临时委员会成员组成及职能

    Pi Panel on Community and Governance, including Core Team introduction of the panel and representative Pioneers speaking about the provisional committee. Swipe left for more talks. Pi小组讨论社区与管治,包括小组核心小组介绍及先驱者代表介绍临时委员会。向左滑动可以进行更多的对话。 Pi Panel on Community and Governance Introduction Welcome to another session of the Pi Convention! Today, we are featuring a community discussion panel about Pi Governance & the Provisional Committee. In the Whitepaper, we outlined that a Provisional Committee would be formed after the network hits 5M Pioneers. The responsibilities of the Provisional Committee include soliciting and proposing suggestions from and to the wider community, organizing a series of on-…

    news 21/10/2020

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