在pi网络里除了财富、公平还有民主|In addition to wealth, fairness and democracy in PI network

Pi币借鉴了比特币的起源方式,先做用户,再谈其它,从这一点上来讲已经超越了目前整个区块链行业99%的区块链项目。不是国内资金盘、空气币、传销币、套路盘,没有制度,没有等级,无ico,无ieo,你想想 连充值页面和交易所都没有,一切从免费出发,给予每个人公平的挖矿环境。

PI coin draws lessons from the origin of bitcoin. It is a user first and then other things. From this point of view, PI coin has surpassed 99% of the blockchain projects in the whole blockchain industry. It’s not the domestic capital market, air currency, pyramid selling currency, and routine dish. There is no system, no grade, no ICO, no IEO. If you think about it, there is no recharge page or exchange. Everything starts from free, and gives everyone a fair mining environment.


What’s more, PI has no level, only the invitees and invitees. I recommend you, and if you invite others, it has nothing to do with me. Even if you don’t mine, I don’t have any power bonus. In fact, every user’s rights are equal in the whole PI network, whether you are a big money man, an economist or a novice, It’s fair and just.

在pi网络里除了财富、公平还有民主|In addition to wealth, fairness and democracy in PI network


The emergence of blockchain has broken the value system. PI has gained global attention and succeeded. The shares are in everyone’s hands. This is blockchain. Blockchain is not the product of centralization, it is a resource sharing thing.


PI opens the constituent assembly, which is jointly managed by all members, which embodies democracy.


For example, several city official account numbers in the same city, and do video programs of dialect. If the opponent maliciously reports that you have violated the rules, the video review team will probably take the video off the shelves because they can’t understand the dialect. They won’t ask for the opinions of the author. The hard-made video is in vain. It won’t be so rash in the blockchain. After the review, we will decide whether to go offline.


For example, in the Internet finance industry, some companies planning to run away will destroy some centralized data in advance. As a result, some data can not be traced, which brings great difficulties to the follow-up investigation and helps investors recover funds.


Due to its openness and transparency, traceability of data, decentralized distributed accounting, reliable data, members’ joint management and democratic voting, the blockchain can not attack scattered nodes, which perfectly solves these problems.


Products that can solve market problems are good products. Blockchain will be the engine of economic development in the next few decades. The emergence of PI represents the maturity of blockchain application technology. As a miner of PI, you can participate in this great global project to obtain both material and spiritual wealth in the future. Cherish every day of mining.

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