News: Pi coin is about to open the constitutional convention! The mining speed is halved or reduced to 0



Initial plan of the Pi Convention

Pi Network right now has over 6 Million engaged Pioneers, which exclude Pioneers who didn’t reach the third mining sessions and also any suspected fake accounts that we have detected and marked internally. As mentioned in our initial White Paper, we would hold a global convention when we reach 5 Million Pioneers. The Core Team has started planning on the convention and aims to hold it sometime during Q3 of this year. Due to the pandemic of COVID 19, the global convention will be online only. Here are the initial plans we have for the convention.

In addition to the discussion on governance initially mentioned in the White Paper, the convention will also be dedicated to discussions on the development and ecosystem-building of Pi. Specifically, we hope the convention could be an opportunity for the community to discuss 1) the progress in decentralization, i.e. node, Testnet and technical challenges and solutions; 2) the applications of Pi and the direction of the Pi Platform, e.g. showcase of applications by developers, how to create demands for Pi through applications and the platform development.

On governance, through the convention, we hope to surface community leaders and experts to form a committee that will be able to better solicit community voices to help build the future Pi governance structure. At the convention, we can discuss the criteria of electing such committee members, e.g. previous contributions to Pi Network, expertise in different areas, leadership and conflict of interest, and design processes where the committee helps solicit community voices. This committee hopefully will be more responsible for organizing Pi’s future conventions.

The convention will include not only Core Team updates and outlook into the future, but also speakers from Pioneers as third-party developers, moderators and regional representatives, and speakers outside of Pi Network on industry trends. During Q3, we will give further updates as to the specific agenda and format of the convention, on which specific topics we look for from Pioneer speakers, and the selection criteria for such speakers.



Pi网络现在已经有超过600万的用户,这就排除了那些没有进入第三轮挖掘的用户,以及那些我们在内部发现并标记的可疑的虚假账号。正如我们在最初的白皮书中提到的,当我们达到500万先驱者时,我们将举行一次全球大会。核心团队已经开始计划会议,目标是在今年第三季度的某个时候举行。由于COVID 19的流行,全球大会将只在网上进行。这是我们关于会议的初步计划。

除了白皮书中最初提到的关于治理的讨论,公约还将致力于讨论Pi的发展和生态系统建设。具体而言,我们希望该公约可以成为共同体讨论1)权力下放的进展,即节点、Testnet和技术挑战和解决方案的机会;2) Pi的应用和Pi平台的发展方向,例如开发者展示应用,如何通过应用和平台开发创造对Pi的需求。



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