Pi network(pi 币)最高价值138933美元? 6个理由深度解析|PI network (PI currency) with the highest value of 138933 US dollars? 6 reasons for in-depth analysis

pi network 价格计算公式
1 Pi = 2084亿美元 * (100 倍-1000倍)* 0.6 (移动端市场占有率) / 30亿个 /流通率(按 30%计算) = 13893 ~138933 美元
(备注:公式有待进一步完善)Pi network(pi 币)最高价值138933美元? 6个理由深度解析|PI network (PI currency) with the highest value of 138933 US dollars? 6 reasons for in-depth analysis2084 亿美元为当前全球数字货币总市值,这里的流通率是按照 30%计算,pi 币总数量按照 1000 万人停产时候的 30 亿个左右计算,具体参数都可以调整,比如增量市场倍数(100-1000 倍),流通率,总币数,但目前看来,调整幅度不会太大,控制在 1 个数量级的范围内。
互联网泡沫(又称科网泡沫或 dot 泡沫)指自 1995 年至 2001 年间的投机泡沫,在欧美及亚洲多个国家的股票市场中,与科技及新兴的互联网相关企业股价高速上升的事件。在 2000 年 3 月 10 日 NASDAQ 指数到达 5048.62 的最高点时到达顶峰。在此期间,西方国家的股票市场看到了其市值在互联网板块及相关领域带动下的快速增长。这一时期的标志是成立了一群大部分最终投资失败的,通常被称为“COM”的互联网公司。股价的飙升和买家炒作的结合,以及风险投资的广泛利用,创造了一个温床,使得这些企业摒弃了标准的商业模式,突破(传统模式的)底线,转而关注于如何增加市场份额。到了 2001 年,泡沫全速消退。大多数网络公司在把风投资金烧光后停止了交易,许多甚至还没有盈利过。投资者经常戏称这些失败的网络公司为“.炸弹(Boombs)”或“.堆肥(Compost)”。2.数字货币-人类金融史上第四大泡沫
比特币从出生价格为 0,到攀升至市场顶部 20074 美元的价格。在到达 20074 美金的价格顶峰之后,比特币进入了熊市期,比特币价格也在 2018 年 12 月中旬触底至 3000 多美元的,到如今 2019 年 12 月的 7000 多美元,基本可以视为数字货币的互联网泡沫破灭。3.移动端数字货币将复制互联网泡沫破灭后的崛起
市场在等待比特币价格攀升至 10 万美元,100 万美元吗?我认为不是的,市场在等待移动端数字货币王者的到来4.互联网领域赢家通吃现象
互联网是一个非常有意思的行业,虽然竞争充分,但是在很多细分领域却又出现了单极格局,甚至是出现了赢家通吃的局面。种种案例不再赘述,我们按照龙头企业占据市场 60%份额来估算。全球数字货币总市值突破 2000 亿美元 BTC 市值占比达 59%。比特币市场杂志显示,有 3200 万比特币钱包。超过一半的钱包(53%)用于长期投资或投机。5.全球数字货币总市值 2084 亿美元
CoinMarketCap 数据显示,截至 2019 年 11 月 22 日 12:00,全球数字货币市场币种共计 2358 种。总市值共计约为 2084 亿美元。6.pi network(pi 币)将创造传统数字货币市场 100-1000 倍以上的新增量蓝海市场
pi network(Pi 币)是第一个移动端数字货币。按照互联网领域先发优势规律,我们认为 pi network 将占据移动端数字货币市场份额的 60%以上(极有可能 90%)。
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英文翻译:(由百度翻译提供)2084 billion US dollars is the total market value of the global digital currency. The circulation rate here is calculated by 30%, and the total number of PI coins is calculated by about 3 billion when 10 million people stop production. Specific parameters can be adjusted, such as incremental market multiple (100-1000 times), circulation rate, and the total number of coins. However, at present, the adjustment range is not too large, controlled within one order of magnitude.
The reasons are as follows:1. Internet bubble
The Internet bubble (also known as the dot com bubble or the dot bubble) refers to the speculative bubble between 1995 and 2001, and in the stock market of Europe and America and many Asian countries, the share price rose sharply with the technology and emerging Internet related enterprises. On March 10, 2000, the NASDAQ index reached a peak of 5048.62. During this period, the stock market of western countries saw the rapid growth of its market value driven by the Internet sector and related fields. The symbol of this period is the establishment of a group of Internet companies, often referred to as “com”, whose ultimate investment failed. The combination of the soaring share price and the buyer’s speculation, as well as the extensive use of venture capital, has created a hotbed, which makes these enterprises abandon the standard business model, break through the bottom line (traditional model), and focus on how to increase market share. By 2001, the bubble had subsided at full speed. Most Internet companies have stopped trading after burning up their venture capital, many of which have not even made profits. Investors often jokingly call these failed Internet companies “booms” or “compost”.2. digital money – the fourth largest bubble in human financial history
Bitcoin has gone from a birth price of 0 to a price that has climbed to the top of the market of $20074. After reaching the peak of US $20074, bitcoin entered a bear market, and bitcoin prices also hit bottom to $more than 3000 in mid December 2018, up to $more than 7000 in December 2019.3. mobile terminal digital money will copy the rise of the Internet bubble.
Is the market waiting for bitcoin to climb to $100000, $1 million? I don’t think so. The market is waiting for the arrival of the mobile digital money king4. Winner taking all in the Internet
The Internet is a very interesting industry. Although there is sufficient competition, there is a unipolar pattern in many subdivision fields, even a winner takes all situation. All kinds of cases will not be described in detail. We estimate that the leading enterprises occupy 60% of the market share. The total market value of global digital currency has exceeded US $200 billion, and the market value of BTC accounts for 59%. According to bitcoin market magazine, there are 32 million bitcoin wallets. More than half of wallets (53%) are used for long-term investment or speculation.5. Total market value of global digital currency: 2084 billion US dollars
According to coinmarket cap, there are 2358 currencies in the global digital currency market as of 12:00 on November 22, 2019. The total market value is about $2084 billion.6. PI network (PI currency) will create a new blue ocean market of 100-1000 times more than the traditional digital currency market
PI network is the first mobile digital currency. According to the law of first mover advantage in the Internet field, we believe that Pi network will occupy more than 60% of the mobile digital money market share (most likely 90%).

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