Why is pi so hot?|Pi币为什么会这样火?


We need patience or toughness to do a project. Of course, this is what should be done after understanding a project.

通过半年的时间对Pi network的了解,确实有很多人对这个项目共识度很高,这不,最近的好消息频繁传出,当然,有些消息需要慎重去思考一下,只是在这里给关注我的粉丝聊聊而已。

Through half a year’s understanding of PI network, it is true that many people have a high degree of consensus on this project. No, the recent good news is frequently spread out. Of course, some news needs to be considered carefully, just for my fans here.

听说,前段时间的第三方应用Pi Apps:FeverIQ只是测试或者说试试水,目前已知准备登陆Pi平台的公司接近千家。

It’s said that the third-party application Pi of the previous period Apps:FeverIQ It’s just testing or testing water. At present, nearly a thousand companies are known to be ready to land on the PI platform.

图片上面的商家都是有打算进入到Pi App上,那么这么多商家为什么都争相进入Pi network(Pi币)平台呢?我想原因很简单,目前平台流量确实足够吸引人,700万日活是什么概念呢?我前面其实针对这个流量进行过计算分析,今天再来分析一下。

The businesses in the picture have plans to enter the PI app, so why are so many businesses competing to enter the PI network (PI coin) platform? I think the reason is simple. At present, the platform traffic is really attractive. What’s the concept of 7 million daily life? In fact, I have calculated and analyzed this traffic before. Let’s analyze it again today.

最近Pi APP最新版本1.28.2(43),已经上了广告(开屏广告和首页底部广告)。就按700万日活算,先不要算首页底部曝光和点击,首页开屏广告在国内抖音或者快手都是什么价格,大家可以自行百度。那我们还是来单独算一下首页底部广告曝光,按国内30元/1000次的价格来算,大概每天APP就单单曝光广告收入就21万+,还不要算点击。当然,这只是个人观点,还有不同看法也可以讨论。总之也是估算一下。

Recently, the latest version of PI app 1.28.2 (43) has been advertised (open screen ads and home bottom ads). Tiktok Kwai, according to the 7 million day count, do not count the exposure and clicking of the front page at home. What price is the home page opening screen in the domestic vibrato or fast? You can Baidu yourself. Then let’s calculate the exposure of the advertisement at the bottom of the homepage separately. According to the price of 30 yuan / 1000 times in China, about 210000 + of the advertisement income of the app exposure alone every day, not counting the click. Of course, this is just a personal point of view, and different views can also be discussed. In a word, it’s also an estimate.


It’s not hard to say why businesses are willing to go to this platform? In order to promote products or services, there must be someone. PI coin app integrates people and has to be opened once a day, which solves the wake-up times of app. Of course, not everyone likes advertisements, but you don’t like them. If you don’t pay, someone will. Advertising itself is so, there is a conversion rate.


It is also said that the future of Amazon’s PI payment button mentioned in Nicholas video is also possible. Or that sentence, everything is possible, in case ha ~. It really becomes a consensus currency, with a value, can’t it be bartered directly? Of course, this road is still a little long, after all, each country’s recognition of this currency is the main obstacle.


Although the above view is a bit exaggerated, it is hoped that it will be so for the miners who are keen to dig PI coins. But Xiaobian thinks that there are two sides to everything. Why PI coin is so crazy recently, of course, has something to do with recognizing the miner and the pusher behind it. For example, today I read a message that a dragon in Guangxi received the entrustment of the Middle East oil prince to buy 100m US dollars PI coins after KYC with PI coins. Is this speculation? Or bid up B price? I don’t think the project side will allow such a thing to happen.


Of course, do you think it’s possible? Money should do it. After all, a large number of brushes to get rid of, can not understand the long-term good people must be cashed out of the car.


Finally, I hope that no matter what project you do, especially this kind of virtual currency project, you should remember not to invest Qian in it. In fact, you are waiting for the opportunity to cut those green leeks. May your wallets be safe.

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