超级节点kyc名额大放送 附yoti实名认证全教程|Full course of yoti real name certification for super node KYC


If you click lightning and the following picture prompts you, congratulations: it means that you have obtained the KYC quota of this super node.

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Many PI friends can only close this window because they haven’t prepared their passports or installed yoti software. After closing, they don’t know where to find the verification interface. If you are in the same situation, you can find the verification entry of KYC at the following location. As shown below:

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Click start in the position shown in the above box to perform KYC authentication, provided that you receive the official KYC invitation notice. If you haven’t received it, you can go and have a look. If the server card doesn’t notify you, you will miss the opportunity. At present, it is found that there is this situation. In addition, KYC authentication is shown here, but it has been circling all the time.


If you are invited, then you can perform KYC certification as follows:


First of all, if you are an Android phone, you need to go to Google store to download yoti. If you are an Apple phone, you need to go to Apple store to download yoti. It’s worth mentioning that you can download the APK installation package of Android directly, because of the problem of digital signature, you may not be able to use yoti authentication software normally. This is a bit hard.


Yoti’s KYC Certification Course:


Step 1: create a yoti account

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程
超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Choose your country: China

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Choose your age group, one is over 14 years old, the other is under 14 years old. At present, yoti can verify under 14 years old. Choose the first one over 14.


Step 2: bind mobile number

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程
超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程
超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程
超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


There is no difficulty in binding mobile phones, just like the app commonly used in our country, which is to submit the mobile phone number receiving verification code and then submit it for verification;


Step 3: collect biological factors to confirm that you are the real person;

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Click the blue button to next:

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Biometrics here should pay attention to the face should be close enough to the screen position, follow the prompts, I don’t know if everyone is different, anyway, I am directly in front of the screen after a few seconds, and then I may finally read English words, a total of three, I read one!

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


Step 4: it’s not difficult to set the password to open the app. Set a five digit protection password, which will be verified when yoti is turned on, which is similar to the common apps in our country.

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


After yoti’s account is created, you start to fill in your specific information, such as your avatar, your email, your address and so on. Many information will be directly identified from your passport.

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


The passport can be added according to the diagram. You should be able to understand it. If you don’t understand it, install an English translation software and translate it directly! After the information such as passport is added and the real name is passed, KYC of PI can be carried out. Then open the app of PI, enter from the position shown below, and open it according to the prompt.

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


After passing the verification, yoti will return a value to PI and tell your real name KYC to pass. Then your PI will look like the following:

超级节点kyc名额放出来 注意看下你有通知到没?附yoti实名kyc认证教程


So far, your KYC has passed, but this time, KYC is only a candidate for super node, and it will continue to be notified in the next two months. Everyone still has a chance to participate! The happy thing is: use us www.womaimi.com Many friends have received KYC notifications for the cloud server + local computer solution of. Explain that our plan is OK.

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