In the future, will you regret that you have too few PI coins?


PI is a global mining currency. The monthly server maintenance fee and international SMS verification fee are as high as US $38000. If the developer’s labor cost is hundreds of thousands of US dollars, do you still worry about the value of Pi?

The project side dares to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, and has been quietly developing and operating for more than a year, and does not ask any user for a penny, which can definitely be very rigorous in doing things. Don’t use your limited cognition to question the consensus of millions of miners in the future (more than 6 million active miners at present), and cherish the mining time every second
PI is subversive. I think the price of PI will go against the trend!!


In the past, bitcoin (600000 miners) and Ethereum (300000 miners) only cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few years, because they didn’t have the enthusiasm and consensus first, and the information dissemination was not as fast as now. PI is the reverse thinking. It first has the degree of consensus. It creates value step by step. Then it goes online on the main network (with a stable foundation). According to the white paper, PI releases coins in batches. In this way, the price of the main network will rise to doubt life. It is estimated that it will far exceed the so-called $300 forecast, and the time will be shortened a lot. It should not wait until 2023 , but there are not many currencies that can be traded. The PI coins in your hands will be released in batches.


When the third stage is launched into the main network, you will feel that you have too few PI coins in your hand, and do not let yourself regret it.

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