没有开启安全圈时的计算方法,基本的 0.2pi/h(随着用户的增加会减少) 每邀请一个用户加入 pi 网络,算力增加 1*25%*(基本挖矿算力目前是 0.2pi)也就是增加 0.1pi/小时。

There is no calculation method when the safety circle is opened. The basic 0.2pi/h (which will decrease with the increase of users) increases the calculation power by 1 * 25% * (the basic mining calculation power is currently 0.2pi), that is, by 0.1pi/hour for each user invited to join the PI network.

开启安全圈以后算力的计算方法( 基本的 0.2pi/h(随着用户的增加会减少) 每邀请一个用户加入 pi 网络,算力增加 1*25%*{基本挖矿算力目前是 0.2pi+(安全圈加持的算力,最大为 0.2)},如果你的安全圈加满 5 个了,那以后你每邀请一个人进入 Pi 网络,算力增加 0.1pi/h(开启安全圈之后,之前邀请的用户加成的算力也会按开启安全圈之后的算) 。

After the safety circle is opened, the calculation method of calculation force (basic 0.2pi/h (decrease with the increase of users) increases by 1 * 25% * {the basic mining calculation force is currently 0.2pi + (the calculation force increased by the safety circle, The maximum is 0.2)}, if your security circle is full of 5, then every time you invite a person to enter the PI network, the computing power will increase by 0.1pi/h (after opening the security circle, the computing power of the previously invited users will also be calculated as after opening the security circle).

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