Pi建立安全圈教程PI safety circle building tutorial

Pi建立安全圈教程 Pi币怎么添加陌生人到安全圈

PI how to add strangers to the safety circle

米哥这两天谈到的Pi Network(Pi币),很多朋友很感兴趣,纷纷加入。Pi目前每天可以免费挖6个币,但当你建立安全圈后,产量提高一倍就能挖12个币

The PI network (PI coin) that Migo talked about these two days, many friends are very interested and join in. PI can dig six coins a day for free, but when you set up a safety circle, you can dig 12 coins by doubling the output.

没注册的朋友,请点击Pi币下载注册教程最新版 pi币app注册+手机验证完成注册。

For unregistered friends, please click PI coin to download the latest version of the registration tutorial, PI coin app registration + mobile phone verification to complete the registration.


[PI set up safety circle tutorial]


When you register for mining for three days, the system will prompt you to establish a safety circle, which is composed of 3-5 people you trust, preferably the one you trust. In order to build a “global trust map” to protect the currency and prevent the bad actors from carrying out fraudulent transactions.


When you dig for 72 hours, you will be prompted to open the safety circle.


Click start next to contributor to enter


Click add an existing PI user to enter the next operation interface


Add 5 people, which can be your invitees and the people you invite, and the computing power can reach 100%


After the safety circle is opened successfully, a shield will appear on the main interface, which can reach 100% for 5 people.


[how to add strangers to the safety circle with PI coins]


If you don’t have 5 friends, you can also add other users who have already registered pi to the security circle. The safety ring can be replaced at any time.

首先你要拿到已经注册pi,并且验证成功的手机号码,前面必须带+86存入手机通讯录,然后点击ADD FROM CONTACTS,进入联系人目录,找到需要加入安全圈的号码,点击号码弹出对话框,点击CONFIRM即可。如果没有联系人列表,需要在手机权限管理中打开Pi程序的获取联系人列表权限。

First, you need to get the registered PI, and verify the successful mobile phone number. In the front, you must take + 86 to save in the mobile phone address book, then click add from contacts to enter the contact directory, find the number to be added to the security circle, click the number pop-up dialog box, and then click confirm. If there is no contact list, you need to open the access to contact list permission of PI program in mobile rights management.


It is very important for pi to establish a safety circle. Please be sure to add it.

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