pi币未来的价值能达到100美元吗?Can the future value of PI currency reach $100?


Can the future value of PI currency reach $100? PI coin is very popular in foreign countries, which also attracts great attention of the domestic currency circle. Compared with the current free digging, it was activated once in 24 hours. The calculation speed is increased according to the number of people invited.


A new mobile mining software with mobile phone is very popular in foreign countries, and few people play in China at present. The members of the project team are all from Stanford University. The three founders, Dr. Stanford, are now in the first stage of mining. They can get relatively high profits. The overall project background and prospects are good. This kind of mining does not need to waste flow and battery, as long as the mining proceeds after 24-hour cycle.


At present, 0-cost mining is similar to bitcoin’s early stage. If you miss 2009 bitcoin, don’t miss the 19-year plan to send coins to Libra Libra

Pi Network:一个新出的手机离线挖矿软件,项目团队成员均来自斯坦福,现在处于挖矿早期,可以获得比较高的收益,整体项目背景还是不错的。此类挖矿不用浪费流量,只需要24小时打开一次领取收益即可。

Pi Network: a new mobile offline mining software. The members of the project team are from Standford. Now they are in the early stage of mining and can obtain relatively high income. The overall project background is good. This kind of mining does not waste the flow, only needs 24 hours to open once to receive the income.


The app of PI project has built-in chat rooms in 43 countries, with 100000 foreign registrations. Only then enters the domestic, the opportunity is rare. The less the output is, the half will be reduced in the later period. The project pattern and ambition are very big, which is equivalent to the early BTC mining, and it is more and more rare. Don’t ask how much it’s worth. When BTC comes out, who knows how to sell it? When GEC comes out, who can look up to it. It’s a new thing. It’s free mining at zero cost. It’s always right to ambush new hot spots. Free mining, the sooner the better.


After you start digging, you can share and invite your people to dig together, so your computing power will be much higher. The more people you have, the more computing power you can’t trade at present. Before the main network goes online in the third quarter, KYC needs to be done to raise money. The official explanation will not go online until the fourth quarter. So now, dig as much as you can and save money!


It’s hard to say whether PI currency will be worth $100 in the future. It can only be said that it’s the estimation of netizens and the prediction of experts. No one is sure. You can play with the optimistic ones. Generally, you can play with them. It feels like cheating. If you waste your registration time, please choose to give up..
For a small editor, there are many opportunities, as long as one success is very good.

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