Pi Network头条:中东石油王子1亿美金收购Pi币或引发币圈地震?PI network headline: the Middle East oil Prince’s US $100 million acquisition of PI currency or triggering a currency circle earthquake?

Pi Network创始人来自美国斯坦福区块链研究中心,在币圈来说已然“贵族”血统,走的却是“平民”路线,一年多来在主流币圈不断被热议。

The founder of PI network is from Stanford blockchain research center in the United States. In the currency circle, he has been “aristocratic”, but he has taken the “civilian” route. For more than a year, he has been hotly discussed in the mainstream currency circle.

近日圈内又流传出一个轰动性新闻,中东地区某王子在直播中宣称要拿出一亿美金通过Pi Network千万级流量网红游龙,在中文区购买Pi币,并投资数十亿美金在全球布局超级节点的搭建。笔者查阅了一下资料,据不完全统计,中东地区的王子至少有15000多个,仅仅沙特所有王子就掌控着上万亿美元的财富,如果王子身份属实,在资金方面也并非问题,只是为什么偏偏点名中文区的游龙?

Recently, there was another sensational news in the circle. A prince in the Middle East announced in the live broadcast that he would spend 100 million US dollars to buy PI coins in the Chinese region through the 10 million level traffic network of PI network, and invest billions of US dollars in the construction of global layout super nodes. The author looked up the data. According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 15000 princes in the Middle East, and all the princes in Saudi Arabia alone control the wealth of trillions of dollars. If the identity of the prince is true, it is not a problem in terms of capital, but why do you name you long in the Chinese region?

年初李笑来屁币风波百万派友围攻之后默不作声,英雄垂暮,三十年河东三十年河西,也应了有个大宝说过币圈永远是流量为王,目前Pi Network据说全球矿工已经接近1000万,保守估计中文区矿工超过六成,Pi正在全球布局节点,假设真的如期达成公链,流量上必然超越以太坊甚至威胁到币王比特币的地位,圈内了解到这两个月各大资本财团都在蠢蠢欲动,更有先知先觉的早已悄然和Pi社区对接。

At the beginning of the year, Li Xiaolai was silent after millions of friends besieged him. The hero was dying. In 30 years, Hedong and Hexi, there was also a big treasure saying that the currency circle is always the king of flow. At present, PI Network said that the global miners have reached nearly 10 million. It is conservatively estimated that more than 60% of the miners in the Chinese area are in the global layout node. Assuming that the public chain is reached on time, the traffic will certainly surpass Ethereum and even threaten the status of bitcoin king. The circle learned that the major capital consortiums are ready to move in the past two months, and have been quietly docking with the PI community.

而游龙在Pi圈牢牢占据了意见领袖的地位,在微博一直播刚刚结束的年度盛典中,他轻松地拿到了全站周年人气王。他的直播可谓亦正亦谐,时而光着脚下地种田劈柴喂马,时而在3200万的别墅中,喝着上万块钱的红酒,这个行为诡异、只为屌丝布道的币圈网红据说不知不觉中已经可以影响Pi Network中文区七成的筹码,在这个流量为王的时代,中文区又是Pi未来最大的市场,也许就是中东王子直播点名游龙的原因吧?

And you long firmly holds the position of opinion leader in PI circle. In the annual grand ceremony just ended in the live broadcast of Weibo, he easily gets the annual popularity king of the whole station. His live broadcast can be said to be both positive and harmonious. Sometimes he sows fields and feeds horses barefoot. Sometimes he drinks tens of thousands of yuan of red wine in 32 million villas. This strange Coin Ring red, which only preaches for losers, is said to have influenced PI unconsciously 70% of the chips in the Chinese area of the network. In this era when traffic is king, the Chinese area is the biggest market for PI in the future. Maybe it’s the reason why the prince of the Middle East has a live roll call tour?

假作真时真亦假,真作假时假亦真。都说Pi Network区块链货币的一场全新变革,未来是否会像游龙说的一pi300美金,造就新一轮的币圈新贵,我们会继续保持关注。

When it’s true, it’s true. When it’s true, it’s true. It’s said that the currency of the PI network blockchain is a new change. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to whether it will be like you long’s saying that a pi300 US dollar will create a new round of currency circle upstarts.

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