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最近Pi app 出现精简模式频繁,希望先锋社区会员不要卸载软件,软件是安全的,大家的Pi币数量也不会减少,我认为频繁出现精简模式是因为kyc、节点测试的原因,当然也有可能是Pi会员数量的不断增加,这都是一些利好的消息,Pi在谷歌上的搜索热度如下图:

Recently, there have been frequent streamlining modes in PI app. I hope that members of pioneer community will not uninstall the software. The software is safe and the number of PI coins will not be reduced. I think the frequent streamlining modes are due to KYC and node testing. Of course, it may also be the increasing number of PI members. These are some good news. The search enthusiasm of Pi on Google is shown as follows:


From the above figure, we can see that after the heat in April fell steadily, the heat of PI coins continued to rise in May.


From July 2019 when PI coins entered China to now, some friends have dug tens of thousands, some friends have only dug hundreds, even less than 1000, and some friends have just dug dozens. Although some friends got the news early and shared it with their friends, the coins of their friends far exceeded their own after one or two months. What causes the serious imbalance in the number of coins dug?


Mining friends all know that Pi’s coin digging speed is directly proportional to its calculation power. The higher the calculation power is, the faster the mining speed is, and the more people dig in the same time. Then how does the calculation power come from? The calculation power comes from security and sharing invitation. The more people share the invitation, the higher the calculation power. PI just developed from 0 to 5 million in just over a year through this reward mechanism Active users of.


Some friends think it’s too difficult to invite promotion, which makes it difficult to promote, slow to speed up, and less mining. Today, I’ll analyze one of the five reasons why some friends think it’s difficult:


Problem 1: invited friends mistakenly think that Pi is a deceitful act of pulling people’s heads

这个问题很多文章中都有过说明, Pi只有邀请和被邀请关系,且邀请双方并不属于上下级关系,而是各自均享受系统赠送的同等算力 0.1π/h,也就是说我今天启动挖矿,你的算力提高0.1π/h,我不启动,你就没有了这0.1的算力加成,你今天启动,我得到0.1的算力加成,你不启动,我也就没有了这0.1的算力。因此邀请双方权利是对等的,绝非什么套路。

It has been stated in many articles that Pi only has the relationship of invitation and being invited, and the two inviting parties do not belong to the relationship of superior and subordinate, but each enjoys the same computing power as the system gift 0.1 π / h, that is to say, I started mining today, and your computing power increased by 0.1 π / h. If I don’t start, you won’t have the 0.1 computing power plus. If you start today, I get the 0.1 computing power plus. If you don’t start, I won’t have the 0.1 computing power. Therefore, the rights of both sides of the invitation are equal, which is not a routine.


Problem 2: people you invite think Pi is KQ


First of all, I want to tell you some features of KQ coin:


① First of all, let’s buy mining machines


② You need to buy money before you buy it


③ It takes a lot of pulling


④ Open trading in one market


⑤ One side of the market advocated exchange trading.


You can see that Pi is by no means KQ coin. On the contrary, 253 countries and regions are digging coins at the same time when the project side has not made a lot of exaggeration. Because the current goal of the project side is to develop PI into a global digital currency for preparation, and it is also done now.


Problem 3: the person you invite doesn’t think you can buy or sell money without investment

这个问题我想举几个例子来说,09年免费的比特币你错过了,14年的免费的以太坊你错过了,而现在1个比特币9156美元,折合人民币64900元,1个以太坊现在206美元,折合人民币1466元,反问一句:如果2009年邀请你免费挖比特币,你挖吗?如果大家知道了比特币的价格很可能去挖,那2019年免费挖pi 你挖吗?不要总是后知后觉。截止5月27日,比特币、以太坊价格如下图:

For example, you missed the free bitcoin in 2009, and you missed the free Ethereum in 2014. Now, one bitcoin is 9156 dollars, 64900 yuan, 206 dollars, 1466 yuan. If you are invited to dig bitcoin for free in 2009, do you dig it? If you know the price of bitcoin is likely to be dug, will you dig PI for free in 2019? Don’t always know after you know. As of May 27, the prices of bitcoin and Ethereum are as follows:

区块链作为一个新兴的产业,潜力无限,现在只处于初始阶段,建议大家勇于做第一个吃螃蟹的人,但不是做一个像挣快钱的人, 试着学会放弃眼前既得利益,把目光看长远,只有这样才能在这个时代发现机遇,实现自身价值。

As a new industry, blockchain has unlimited potential. Now it is only in the initial stage. It is suggested that everyone dare to be the first person to eat crabs, but not to be a person who makes fast money. Try to learn to give up the immediate vested interests and take a long-term view. Only in this way can we find opportunities and realize our own value in this era.


Problem 4: the person you invite can’t understand English and dare not try


What I want to say is that English is not terrible. What is terrible is that you are afraid of learning. Ma Yun once said that in this era of science and technology, no matter who it is, it should be students. of course. If you really don’t want to learn or download translation software, you should not ignore the importance of communication group. If you need it, PI friend is translation software.


Problem 5: if you invite someone to dig, they won’t dig

这应该是我们身边常见的一种现象,直接原因有很多种,比如忘点闪电、感觉变现遥遥无期等,但最根本的就是共识不够,那如何形成共识呢,还是需要我们多布道答疑,从pi 的本质、发展趋势、现实应用等等方面多讲。虽然我不能让你完全相信我,但是请给我个机会说服你,而且随着KYC的开放和一些场外交易的运行,相信会有很多人看到现实,看到现实后,我相信很多人还是会回来的。

This should be a common phenomenon around us. There are many direct reasons, such as forgetting the lightning, feeling the realization is far away, etc., but the most fundamental is that there is not enough consensus. How to form consensus still requires us to preach more questions and answers, from the nature, development trend, practical application and other aspects of PI. Although I can’t make you believe me completely, please give me a chance to persuade you. With the opening of KYC and the operation of some over-the-counter transactions, I believe that many people will see the reality. After seeing the reality, I believe that many people will come back.


If we want to promote more people, the premise is our own understanding of PI, mastery of digital currency, and cognition of blockchain. If we are not a “good teacher”, the students you promote may also give up halfway. Finally, we hope that: if you want to be poor, go to a higher level, try to open up your vision, understand PI in essence, and appreciate PI.

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