PI apps platform prototype PI app will go online in Q2 2020(Pi Apps Platform Prototype)

PI apps platform prototype PI app will go online in Q2 2020(Pi Apps Platform Prototype)

Our previous video series explained that Pi’s second phase of the project has two goals: 1) building value and 2) decentralizing the network. Building the application platform of PI is the main strategy to achieve the first goal: building value. Our goal is to release a beta version of the application platform by the end of the second quarter of 2020. Now we are updating how we plan to achieve this in the second quarter.

We adopt an iterative user centered design method, including prototype design, testing, feedback collection and improvement platform. In the second quarter of 2020, the core team will prototype and test the PI application platform and initial PI applications (PI apps). This means that the interface, functionality, and accessibility of the platform and the initial application will change during prototyping and testing before being finalized. We will have a limited time release of such prototypes for community testing and feedback, and prototypes and initial applications may be modified and re released after testing.

In order to support the third-party application, the core team needs to build the infrastructure, allow the third party to integrate into the PI network mobile application, and integrate the Pi transport into their application. To pass pi to a third-party application, the pioneers need to go through KYC, but each pioneer can use the capabilities of these applications without having to send PI; for example, KYC is not required for utility functions or receiving pi from these applications. We will also expand KYC in the coming weeks in order to build a pioneer pipeline, prepare the test platform and initial PI application.

As part of prototyping and testing, we will soon release the first prototype of the application platform to our community, including the first third-party application of PI. Novel coronavirus (COVID 19) has been predicted by a professor from Stanford University recently. It can help the world better predict where new cases of the new coronavirus (COVID) appear and help us find out which symptoms best reflect COVID 19, while protecting personal privacy. As a global pandemic, covid 19 has affected every corner of the world. The nature of its pandemic requires a coordinated global response, and PI will be proud to assist. PI transcends national boundaries and is a pioneer from all over the world. Given the distribution of our global communities, the PI network is uniquely positioned to contribute to the fight against covid 19. Considering the importance of solving this problem and the value of PI bringing people from all over the world together, we decided to choose it as the first third-party application released by the initial prototype of Pi’s application platform.

The first application will allow members of the PI community and others to provide information about the symptoms they are experiencing, if any, while protecting their privacy. PI will not share any data about the pioneers with the covid 19 application, unless their PI user name is necessary to handle any transfer of PI within the application and can only be shared with the explicit consent of the pioneers; any data you submit in the covid 19 application will not be shared with PI. In fact, the first application uses a novel privacy protection technology to ensure that even the application itself does not know the specific symptoms of your submission, and it does not collect any personally identifiable data. When we release the initial prototype of the PI application platform, the specific technology will be introduced and explained by the application developer in the video on our main screen. Please keep watching!

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