Technical package and follow-up steps (version v0.1.0) required by PI project to release PI node software

Technical package and follow-up steps (version v0.1.0) required by PI project to release PI node software

We will release the next steps for all node applicants to install the necessary technical packages in the PI node software. Access the PI node on your computer and follow the steps there. Read more.

You can now use node’s technical preparation steps.

Over the past month, the core team has been working to complete the necessary package and technical steps and integrate them into the information interface of the node software. We hope that these steps can make the installation process of young pioneers more smooth and accurately inform them of the installation status of the equipment. Now, as part of the node and supernode selection process, all node applicants should access the node software and complete the necessary technical package installation there.

Why do selecting nodes and supernodes require technical preparation steps?

This allows the core team to test and run the consensus algorithm on the device of the pioneer who successfully installed and completed the technical preparation steps in the next few months, and calibrate the hardware and software requirements of the device to achieve a reliable and secure network. Keep in mind that one purpose of publishing these steps is to test them. Given the different hardware, software, and network specifications of different pioneers, you may have problems trying to complete these steps. If yes, please report the problem in the chat channel node applicant. All previously applied node applicants can access the problem to seek help from other pioneers or core teams.

What is the next step in the node selection process?

We expect to publish more detailed preliminary standards for node hardware and software after testing and calibration, and start rolling notification of the applicant’s selection status before June 1, 2020. The selected applicant will be invited to complete KYC to become a node or super node candidate in Pi’s testnet. However, the declaration of KYC’s slot may precede the selection of KYC’s slot node, because selection is an independent process, and also involves other parts of π ecosystem (such as application platform and function in the initial application), details of which will be included in future articles.

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