Is pi mobile mining reliable

Recently, PI network is becoming more and more popular. You will find that many relatives and friends around you are also playing. Then many people will ask if Pi is reliable or not. Today we will talk about this topic.
In fact, in the hearts of the public, whether PI coin is reliable cannot be based on the following considerations:
1、 Whether the software is reliable, whether it will steal information, and whether there is a virus.
Honest to tell you, in fact, Xiaobian is skeptical about it at the contact place. She always worries about whether the QR code and download link given to me by others are reliable, whether the downloaded software will have virus, steal my information, and other capital risks. Until one day, I was recommended by a classmate who worked as a teacher in a university, because we had a good relationship, so I completely let go of my guard. Then I downloaded it. During the installation, I paid special attention to it. It only needs to obtain your address book permission, and other permissions are not used. Even if you disable the address book permission, it can also be installed, but this permission is needed to join the security circle later. We can make a comparison. Now the app we use often needs the permissions of address book, location, read / write storage, camera, read application list, etc. Xiaobian checked the 131 applications installed on his mobile phone. PI coin requires the least authorization. Without permission, it is impossible to steal information. To be sure, the previous worries are redundant. This software is very reliable.
In fact, after in-depth understanding, it will be found that Pi coin is not a common project. PI coin is a new cryptocurrency, which was built by the doctoral team of Stanford University in the United States. You can “mine” through mobile phones, similar to bitcoin mining on computers. It is also the first blockchain for mobile phones (bitcoin is the first blockchain for computer mining).

Is pi mobile mining reliable

2、 Is pi currency a capital disk.
Yes, No. PI coin doesn’t need you to invest a penny. Even the official g-notice is asking for public opinions. You can also set a ban on the g-notice pop-up. PI doesn’t need to buy a miner. There is no difference between the superior and the subordinate, only the invitee and the invitee, not to mention the multi-level sharing. In short, there are no features of the capital plate.
At the same time, there is a typical feature of capital market, eager to go public, because listing can quickly gather funds, and then “run”, we see that Pi is not in a hurry, even at the expense of some active users, PI is steadily advancing according to his white paper, so the pattern of PI is very large, plus the current high heat, from this point of view Pi is really reliable!
PI coin aims to realize a low access, low-cost cryptocurrency network that can be participated by one person. Anyone who downloads the app of PI coin official website with his mobile phone can start mining. All PI coins are dug out by the user himself. The user only needs to click mining every 24 hours, completely zero, just like the early bitcoin mining.

To be sure, PI coin is not a capital disk. PI coin has the same properties as bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream blockchains, but at the same time, PI is different from them. Behind PI are 3.4 billion mobile phone users in the world.

At present, PI coin has entered the second stage, and has also piloted the start of nodes, and the first application platform is about to go online. We need to wait patiently and dig in peace. Sooner or later, it will bring you a big surprise.

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