What is pi coin? Talk about the mining experience of a PI miner

What is the hottest blockchain project in 2019?
What is the hottest blockchain project in 2020?
I think of PI coins, PI coins or PI coins.
PI coin, the full name of PI network, was founded by three doctors from Stanford University. It can be said that it is a new blockchain model, or it is not a simple blockchain project. It gives me the feeling of reconstructing blockchain with internet thinking.

The most classic sentence on the Internet is: change your life, but it has nothing to do with you.
PI coin is like this. It uses the Internet mode to re build the blockchain. Today’s bitcoin looks like a monument and a myth, but PI coin is using its model to gently reinterpret the blockchain.
Next, I will expand what you are concerned about and what I see in the form of Q & A:

  1. Is pi a capital plate?
    Definitely not. PI’s current model is very simple. There is no investment, no need to buy mining machines, no need to pull people’s heads, and no multi-level sharing. In short, there are no characteristics of the capital market.
    The initial mining calculation force of PI coin newcomer is 0.29/h. After 72 hours of continuous mining, you can open the safety circle. When the safety circle is full (five people are needed), the mining calculation force increases by 0.2/h, and your mining calculation force is 0.49/h. Next, if you want to increase computing power, you can only get it by inviting new people. Add 0.1 per hour to the calculation power of each new person invited.
    And then there’s no more. Jane is not simple. What else can she do!
  2. How many PI coins do you have now?
  3. In this industry, not much, but also a lot. Now most people are between 100 and 3000.
What is pi coin? Talk about the mining experience of a PI miner
  1. Why do you like pi coins?
    Internet thinking operation and maintenance products
    First of all, I am engaged in Internet work. I am too familiar with internet thinking mode. And PI, let me see the Internet thinking on the blockchain. If you say connect a net and pull a head, it’s not called the Internet. The real Internet is fast iteration, small step and fast run.

I say a result, you can understand the excellence of PI coins. Now PI coin, without a single line of blockchain code, has 4 million active miners all over the world.
With this in mind, which blockchain product can match.
Let me take another look at the picture:

What is pi coin? Talk about the mining experience of a PI miner

Pattern of PI coins
PI’s vision: to build the world’s most inclusive point-to-point market driven by pi, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency.
I see two key words: broadest, inclusive
The first generation of cryptocurrency and the second generation of cryptocurrency are only in the stage of mining, few of them touch the real property of currency transaction. The most prominent second-generation cryptocurrency, grapefruit, is also just a few online games, using grapefruit as a transaction. This is far from the real trading ecology.
PI is born to do global point-to-point transactions, and really do transaction ecology. Imagine what a change it would be if you could have a smooth flow of money, such as trade, with small foreign partners. This pattern is too big for me to say. But please believe that if this is done, it can be described as a complete disaster.

  1. Is it better to mine or invite new people?
    Since this is my experience interpretation, invitation, bold invitation to new people. Each time you invite one, you add 0.1 calculation power. Don’t believe in any Buddhist mining.
    Let’s take a different perspective: since you recognize PI, you recognize its value. Or you’re not going to dig, are you! So, why can’t we add more code! Since we are trying to change our destiny, this is the highest lever. If it does, which lever can be bigger than Pi!
    Tell me a story that touched me a lot:
    I began to contact in July 2019, when the basic calculation force was 0.89, and there was no saying that the safety circle was full, so I dug by myself. Later, in September, I saw a boss in the group who started late, but was willing to invest in it. In one month, I dug 130000. In his words: it’s very simple, either invest money or invest time.
    At that time, the number of 130000 shocked me. If one Pi is worth one, it will be 130000. This is not counting the continuous mining in the future. So, free is the most expensive. Because your inviting person doesn’t necessarily teach you this, tell you that since you approve, you can add code appropriately. This is not to encourage you to invest money, I didn’t invest money, I just know that I am tweeting, now there are 81 invitees.
    So, invest money or energy, and do what you can. (additional online push method: 9 new channels that others will not teach you)
  1. Do I want to apply for computer node?
    Do you want to do it.
    They all recognize the value, so they can download the application directly.
    My original intention:
    First of all, PI coin is a new mining mode, to avoid pow (proof of work workload), which consumes a lot of power. Therefore, as a function node of data storage, interaction, broadcast and other functions, the home computer can not be compared with the server performance of the mine, only the number wins. Increase fault tolerance by increasing the number of computer nodes. Therefore, the computer node is an important link for miners to participate in the PI transaction.
    Secondly, the computer node, and even the super node, is a great opportunity for the later miners to overtake in the corner. How can you match the number of PI coins with old miners and the number of people you invite? What if the old miners work harder than you? Therefore, the computer node, which is always equal to everyone’s opportunities, is an excellent opportunity to overtake. Still hesitant?
  2. PI coin is my knowledge blind area. What can I do without this part of knowledge reserve?
    First you have to ask you, is this an excuse you don’t want to understand PI, or an excuse?
    Not only Pi is your knowledge blind area, but blockchain is a knowledge blind area for ordinary people. However, you should know that in 2020, the State advocates blockchain, which has been applied in many aspects. Are you still in your blind spot?
    Of course, it’s not good to pull the national flag. Let’s talk about something practical. Opportunity always appears in new things. Ask, what’s the matter with you, a solidified model? You have money or connections. I believe that choice is more important than effort. A road, if we choose the wrong direction at the beginning, the harder we work, the farther away we are from our goal.
    Therefore, the knowledge blind spot is not my problem, but whether you have a heart willing to contact new things!
    Among the miners I know, there is a 67 year old brother who has worked as a soldier, run a factory and brought out a group of factory directors. Do you still have his blind spot?
  3. Will PI coin succeed?
    To be honest, I don’t know. But I know that it’s the one that I want the most out of my access to these funds and blockchains. For details, please refer to the third question, why do I value Pi.
  4. What is the most important thing to dig PI coins?
    Insist, insist, or insist.
    I invited 84 people, 35 of whom were active miners. I found that they were digging with me all the time. Those who abandoned the pit for three days are not there. So, I don’t want you to read any jixuewen, download and register, three days hot. I also don’t want you to invite new people like beating chicken blood for a period of time. After a period of time, I will unload the abandoned pit. If you have the ability, push more; if you have no heart, stick to it. Insist on digging by yourself.
    I have two numbers, and one without an inviting person. I just order it every day and dig it every day. Now I have 2500 coins. Mining, persistence is more important than anything.
  1. There are so many old miners. Do I have a chance?
    People die more than people, and goods are thrown away more than goods. Don’t compare with others, just be yourself.
    God said, I can fulfill your one wish, but I will give you twice as many neighbors.
    You will choose 10 million positive choices,
    Or one less arm in the dark?
    Mining is like this. Those old miners are your neighbors. Dare to own 10 million good, do not think about neighbors than you 10 million. Is that right?
  2. There are 21 million bitcoins, 84 million Laite coins, and 10 billion PI coins. Is this valuable?
    PI economic model: the balance between scarcity and acquisitiveness
    Now there are only 301 miners that can be traded, 300 of them are the first batch of test pioneers of internal transfer, and one is Dabao. The official uses 10000 tradable PI coins to buy a domain name from Dabao( Pi.app )。 The first batch of test pioneers, they are not all able to trade, only the part they dig can be traded, the average is about 300 to 1500. Among them, security circle rewards and invite new people rewards are frozen.
    According to my guess, this part of the frozen thaw can only be thawed after the new KYC (identity authentication).
    Therefore, this is equivalent to the reserve of the central bank, through which to control the amount of currency in the market. Through the control of the flow of currency, the stable and gradual increase of currency price can be realized. (balance of scarcity and acquisitiveness)
  3. How much is pi worth?
    This is a matter of concern to all. To be honest, I don’t know. The senior miner who has studied PI coins said that some said they exceeded bitcoin, some said they opened for 800 dollars, and some said they were hundreds of them.
    But now, when we chat in the group, we don’t say that we can receive a large amount of money in a few minutes, but we can accept the number of sellers for one piece and two pieces. This is the consensus. Now the barter price is stable at about $10. Let’s just say that this is the current PI futures price.
  4. Can I register two accounts with one mobile phone?
    may not! One person, one machine, one number. This is the official red line. Officials need real people for the largest range of point-to-point transactions, but no robots. So the robot is the official firm attack, there are also sell. If a mobile app logs in two or more accounts, it is easy to be officially marked as a robot and will be cleared later.
  1. The people I invited stopped mining. Did it affect me?
    It will not affect the health of your account, but the mining rewards of those invited will be deducted.
    This is the description of the white paper. But I want to say that, in Dr. Fan’s way of thinking, we will certainly cherish every real person who is a miner. After PI builds value, these people will return again at a certain price.
    Imagine: a lost person and never lost people than, whose loyalty is higher!
    So, dare to invite new people, don’t worry about whether they abandon the pit. Now it’s the running horse enclosure. The places where the solar energy shines are all your territory.
  2. When can I get KYC certification?
    Want to ask can KYC attestation, want to ask when can inside turn trade actually. According to the official statement, in addition to the 300 pioneers of the first batch of tests, KYC is only to authenticate the identity and cannot transfer in. The only advantage is that the full function test of computer nodes and the later DAPP test can be given priority.
    (to be continued)

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