Can my mobile phone dig PI without installing a computer node

On May 2, the computer node was updated. The big surprise brought big headache.
The installation of computer nodes has blocked many mining friends out of the door, and now they are still wandering outside.
Computer node upgrade requirements:

  1. Win system requires win10 professional version or enterprise version;
  2. Public IP, now most people’s home network is not;
  3. Know a little network technology, can install software;
  4. A little English ability, if you don’t have it, you can use translation software;
Can my mobile phone dig PI without installing a computer node

Now the first and second points are hard bars, which block most of the miners. As far as I know, a lot of win7 or winwin10 home versions use win system, which needs system upgrade and headache.
Public IP is also a headache. Xiaobian is also fighting with mobile intelligence (I use mobile network, and mobile broadband engineers have all come to my door, but it’s not good yet, so I want to apply to the email)
I also heard that the person who bought the virtual space and server in the early stage also encountered problems. Because the Decker software installation can’t be virtualized twice in the virtual server, so now the server can’t be installed (some mining friends who have successfully installed contact me and ask for methods).
This is the status quo of the upgrade of the computer node of PI miner in China after the update of the computer node.
Next, let’s talk about what a computer node is. Do you have to upgrade it!

What is a computer node
At present, PI miners can be divided into three roles:
Ordinary miners: mobile mining, chatting, trading;
Computer nodes: chat, referee, bookkeeping;
Super node: equivalent to the regional server of PI, data storage, bookkeeping, referee and other functions in the region, more functions need to be officially announced.

Can my mobile phone dig PI without installing a computer node

In short, ordinary miners are those of us who use mobile phones to mine and trade in the future; some of us will be promoted to the official selected computer node as the referee of the PI trading circle and bookkeeper; among these official selected computer nodes, we will be promoted to the super node, which is the closest to the official and has more authority.
Take an inappropriate example:
Ordinary miners are the villagers of the village, who get PI coins through mining;
The selected computer node is the village head. Every transaction of the villagers should be reported to the village head for filing. Each transaction of the village head takes the handling fee as the salary;
Of course, there can’t be only one village. In three or five villages, there will be a town. The mayor is the super node and will back up the transaction records of the village. To put it bluntly, in case a village’s account is destroyed, there are records in the super node. This is a function of super nodes. Of course, it will have more advanced functions and benefits.

It’s a question whether we can make computer nodes or not
Just now, we have also seen the problems encountered in the upgrade of computer nodes. I believe many people have deep experience. In other words, the computer node, is a threshold, through the requirements of technology and hardware, will mine friends layered.
As a computer node, it has the advantages of being a computer node, can have a greater voice, and can obtain accounting revenue; of course, it also has the requirements of being a computer node.
When the benefits are clear, those who are knowledgeable can understand even if they don’t; when the requirements are clear, you can refer to your own abilities to see if you can add more codes.
Tell me about my plan:

  1. Continue to apply for public IP with mobile. I use MAC (Apple). Now that the software has been installed, I’m short of public IP. Wait for the mobile.
  2. In my opinion, PI officials need computer nodes with fast network speed and stable environment to participate in the test; although now the server cannot install the Decker software on the virtual server. I have been looking for a friend in the telecom room to install and test and make a server plan. (you can contact me if the installation is successful)
  3. Plan 1 variant, purchase server, replace MAC notebook, install computer node with server;

That’s why I’m talking about the computer node plan above. Before, because PI coins can’t see the trading time, most people only have a point in their hands, so they dare not and don’t want to add too much code.
Now I want to understand. I download the registration and mine continuously, which shows that I recognize the ability and value of PI.
Now that the PI computer node has been released, I have reorganized the PI architecture. Now as a mainstream cryptocurrency, the conditions for success have been met.
Popularity: there are 4 million active miners all over the world;
Leadership team: three doctoral leaders from Stanford University, I recognize their abilities; you can find their technical background online by yourself;
Technical background: Stanford University has always been the hot spot of blockchain, and the research strength of computer ranks first in the world. 27 scholars have won the Turing Award, the highest award in the computer industry. And in 2018, computer scientists at Stanford University set up the blockchain research center.
External environment: the impact of this epidemic is that the whole world economy cannot be too turbulent. Every major economic upheaval is an opportunity for wealth to reshuffle, although it is a bit cruel. This time, I firmly believe that it must come from blockchain. As for whether it’s PI or not, we will wait.
That’s why I’m willing to add. Of course, it will be troublesome to be a computer node, which requires time and energy. Many people can’t do this separately. However, the success of PI is not limited to being a computer node.
More importantly, you have PI in your hand, which is the king’s way.
Do not do computer nodes, but do not prevent us from inviting new people. Now invite new people, increase the calculation power by 0.1 per hour; if you expand 100 people, you can dig 7200 more coins per month.


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